Feb. 1, 2020

February 4 x 4 Challenge

February 4 x 4 Challenge

New Year New You, Right?! 

So here we are, February 1, 2020. Have you done what you said you would do starting in January? I will not even lie, I have not. My plan was to start a vigorous workout plan starting January 15th, but I honestly let the winter blues get to me. So here I am, inviting you all to hold me and each other, accountable for the month of February!

February 4 x 4 Challenge 

The February 4 x 4 Challenge, much like the #R4ML Challenge, is made up of a few different aspects in effort to cater to all who would like to join. Here are the basics:


  1. Challenge yourself to do some sort of exercise 40 minutes a day, four days a week, for four weeks
    • You can walk.
    • You can run.
    • You can do yoga.
    • You can do HIIT.
    • You can get on the stationary bike.
    • You can take a free class at Planet Fitness with your paid membership.
    • You can do a workout video at home.
    • You can hit the weights.
    • Anything that promotes fitness...take 30 minutes and do it!

To get us all through this challenge, I am dedicated to providing accountability check-ins via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can post your screenshots from your fitness tracker apps with the hashtag #Feb4x4. I will be following this hashtag on all platforms and will gladly pull up on your post to lend some encouragement!

Here are a few apps that could help you along with this challenge:

  • Fitbit - If you already have a Fitbit, great. You can hit me up for my credentials and add me as a friend. You can also, from what I understand, download the app and use it in conjunction with your phone to record your steps without actually having the device.
  • Apple Watch and/or other fitness trackers - Any fitness tracker will do. They all have great software that will record your fitness efforts.
  • Other apps - Runkeeper, C25K, Nike Run Club, and MapMyRun are just a few apps that will record your efforts without a fitness tracker. If you need help finding one, or would like my opinion on what works best, feel free to reach out and I will gladly help.

The challenge starts Sunday, February 2nd, and will run through Saturday, February 29th, 2020. I want to see social posts, videos, boomerangs, EVERYTHING! Don't forget the hashtags! Let your mental, physical, and even spiritual journey begin here. I can't wait to hear your success stories! Let's Go!