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You need to listen!! 🎧

I love listening to Autumn! She’s so real and down to earth. Great content and never fails to make me laugh. Will easily become a regular in your podcast rotation!

Amazing podcast

Love it!

I love all of your crazy stories and can relate to majority of them. I feel like you’re my long lost sister lol. Keep it up Autumn!

Love a good laugh

Love this. I felt like an episode is missing between this Issa and Molly.

Happy One Year Sis!!

Ever since I introduced to this podcast I’ve been hooked!! I love that autumn is soo authentic it’s makes me want to go harder on my podcast!! I’m truly grateful to have been a guest on here! Now it’s time for you to come on brutal Honesty! 😉 congratulations on your one year!! 😘💛💙

Happy One Year

One of my favorite people in the world and one of my favorite podcast. Congrats on the one year poddin' and may things only get bigger. #1ReeferPlease

Love this podcast!

Such a dope concept! I love to hear your thoughts on things. It's so similar to mine! I sit there and listen, cracking up to myself! It feel like I'm having a conversation with a good friend! lol

Tamara Dawn

Love what I’ve heard so far. You be having me cracking up, and reflecting on life all in the same episode. Plus you just seem like an overall dope person!


Listening to this show makes me wanna pack a bag and live life the way autumn doing DOPE PODCAST

Living Lit 🔥

Want to know if you’re living a lit life!? Check out the Lit Life Podcast! Autumn brings you great topics and the podcast is always engaging and captivating! Definitely one of my favorite podcasts!

Love every episode

I love listening to Autumn because we relate in so many ways!

Much needed podcast

In all honesty, I’m new to Autumn’s podcast but I’m glad I found it. She’s so smart & entertaining and this podcast is awesome. It’s a staple in my workday. Thank you Autumn for making this dope podcast.