June 5, 2019

EP 4 - Digital Crack

EP 4 - Digital Crack

In episode 4, Autumn speaks about the good and bad of all things social media. She fumbled over a word or two, but y'all already know why!

About Autumn:  Autumn the Aries is a Xennial Influencer with a vision of bridging the gap between the Xennials and both the late Baby Boomers and the early Millennials. While keeping fellow Xennials abreast of what may be going on with those generations, Autumn’s conversational focal points could be anything from Pop Culture to alternative lifestyles and how all are viewed from a generational standpoint.  

Autumn can be heard on several platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts on her show, Lit Life ~ Living Life Autonomously, and as a co-host on The Gems & Dro Podcast. 

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